Shrinathji Chemicals a company operating in the field of healthcare, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics & NBC items. Our slogan “Enhancing Human Life” describes our products and services, which aim to enhance individual’s life. Shrinathji Chemicals was established in the year of 1996 in Madhya Pradesh, INDIA.

Our goal is to improve people’s quality of life by preventing diseases & human sufferings.

We have setup our manufacturing unit that is strategically located in industrial hub Mandideep in Madhya Pradesh.  In a short span of time since its diversification, we have acquired a strong foothold in the market to become one of major manufacturer and supplier of healthcare products, cosmetics & NBC (Nuclear, Biological & Chemical) products.

quality policy

The company gives top priority to quality management in which quality assurances and quality control are interrelated aspects. All the plants & machineries in the unit are designed as per the latest state of the art technology.

Committed to quality and safe production with all assurance the firm levies a great duty and care on hygiene standards and maintenance. Expert, qualified personnel, with a meticulous care, monitor every stage in the integrated process. 



Working Strategically

We believe in being technologically advanced so that we can serve our end users in better way. Hence, we are already holding dozen of TOT’s from different Defence & CSIR laboratories for various items and are manufacturing & supplying such items to our end users in Defence as well as in civil sectors/markets.


Research & Development

The Company has always focused on R & D activities and established a range of products in a limited span of time. This was made possible on account it having a multipurpose Pilot plant. As a matter of Policy, the budget on R & D is unrestricted.

The Company also maintains a rich Library on Cosmetic Science for continuous development of its employees. Over a period of time we have evolved better processes and consistency in Quality.

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